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The use of lettering

Lettering is an important way to seal the inscriptions on the jewelry, but also the use of jewelry expression of the effective way, Bao Long network to provide online lettering services, lettering is free. The most unique is: Bao Long network lettering can choose the font, you can immediately display the three-dimensional effect – is also the ultimate effect of the lettering on the jewelry, to the customer more freedom. With good, more personality charm.

Content of the grasp: the contents of the letter must be refined, can only use 8 characters or four Chinese characters, to the most representative of the words engraved. If it is a word, it is condensed into keywords; again, the English slightly longer, you can consider; can also mix the English and Chinese – input method of language, as long as the input can be used, can mix and match.

Symbols: The symbols in the input method can be used: a symbol occupies only one character, more economical. And the symbol itself is also fun, such as ♥ said “love”; ♥ ♥ – this is the heart of the two together.

Choose the font: 8 commonly used Chinese fonts, 3 kinds of commonly used English fonts. Each font is not only written different, temperament is also different: black body is eye-catching, solemn; italics are very delicate; English font is also thick or thin or writing. Can be combined with the contents of the write.

Multi-angle look at the effect: lettering up in the end what kind? What is the effect of each font in the end? May wish to open 3D customization, where repeatedly drag and drop, zoom to see, compare it. For a different point of view, repeated look, find the most satisfied