Various Of Earrings

Various Of Earrings
Diamond earrings

When you fiddle with the ears of hair, revealing the white skin ears can cause the attention of men. If you wear a fine diamond earrings on the earrings is more extra points. Elegant ladies favorite is a simple slightly fashion sense of the diamond earrings, whether to attend the banquet or usually wear are very suitable.

Pearl earrings

Pearl Name Necklace has always been the ladies favorite accessories, show women tenderness charm. Of course, pearl earrings are the most popular type of earrings. Two symmetrical earrings, the use of anti-allergic silver ear acupuncture, is the beginning of wearing earrings female recommended style!

Zircon earrings

Such as diamonds shining, the price is relatively cheap Custom Name Necklace, everyday wear, style can often be replaced.

Tremella nail

Small earrings can keep ear ears, especially when playing the ear hole.

Gold ear nails

Precious metal earrings are not easy to wear

Shell earrings

Natural elements, simple and natural.

Shambhala Studs

Shambhala pottery, rhinestones and steel needles. Will not fade, not easy to allergies.

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