18 K Gold

K gold because of the advantages of design and technology, the production of jewelry volume, style changeable, decorative effect is very good, but light weight, slightly lower unit price, cost-effective, more and more fashionable women like, so the World Gold Association Specifically launched the K-Gold brand, is committed to the promotion of gold Name Necklace. Basically, all the K gold jewelry stores are marked with grams of grams, but are a price sold by pieces.
The same type of different styles of 0-shaped Custom Name Necklace, because the gold because of the texture is too soft, easy to break, so at least 3 grams or more is not easy to damage; and the same style K gold O word chain, you can do more fine, as long as 1 Kedo.

18K gold necklace how much money a gram of expensive? 18K gold in addition to material value, but also to give more artistic value. Two pieces of the same weight of jewelry, 18K gold may be higher than the price of gold several times or even several times, according to the specific brand, style analysis.

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