Give A Gold Necklace To Mother

K gold refers to the gold and other metals mixed with the alloy, because its English is KaratGold, so referred to as K gold. Karat is the measure of K gold, is divided into 24 copies of pure gold. According to the gold content in the Name Necklace is divided into different K gold, so 24K refers to pure gold, 18K gold content is 18/24 = 75.0%, because 18K gold gold content is 75.0% so called 750.

Depends on the necklace material, but in general the first is to first clean the necklace cleaning need to use some of the cleanser cleaning cleaning finished to dry while avoiding dust clean finished in the original necklace box if there is no original box Should be placed in a closed container and the Custom Name Necklace can be fixed in a closed container plug some soft foam fabric and the like to play a fixed necklace inside the role of the box should put some desiccant to prevent the necklace moisture rust mold

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