I Like Gold Monogram Necklace

I like gold monogram necklace , how about you ?

Necklace consists of 28 gold spherical chain beads, each spherical chain beads are made of 12 small gold ring welding, which is embedded in the pearl 10, pearl shining, bright. Necklace in the middle of the middle of the circle, embedded in a concave corners of the dark blue blue beads. Name Necklace at the bottom of a large round gold ornaments, on the mosaic of a crystal of chicken bloodstone, surrounded by chicken blood stones embedded in 24 pearls, left and right sides have a round gold ornaments, inlaid blue beads, the surrounding also inlaid pearl week. Chicken bloodstone hanging under the heart-shaped gold ornaments, inlaid with a piece of up to 3.1 cm, very rare lapis lazuli. The whole Custom Name Necklace bright red bloodstone, sapphire blue stone each other, coupled with white pearls, in the pure gold contrast, it is particularly bright and eye-catching, elegant, called the world’s unique art boutique.

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