Moden Gold Necklace

Moden Gold Name Necklace

Modern women for the pursuit of life is getting higher and higher, for the consumption of Custom Name Necklace more and more independent, independent, personalized, and its consumption from the original value of the main conversion to the main decoration.
In the design, the gold relative to the K gold jewelry simple and traditional, accidentally will be called “old age”; K gold in the design can do more articles, style selection a lot, so the cost of design is also relatively gold Many of these invisible costs, will eventually be reflected in the retail price.
In Europe, people are more popular in the K gold as the material of jewelry, 9K, 14K and other low-k gold popular, because the design of gold jewelry more refined, stylish, changeable.

Gold is too soft, can not afford to be too sophisticated processing, and more used to do the traditional style, such as dragon and phoenix bracelets, big necklaces, large pendants, etc .; and K gold hardness better, more ductile, suitable for complex process, Fashion, exquisite, gorgeous style, of course, K gold fee will be higher than the average enough gold.

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