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Nature Silver Necklace

Nature is the best silver silver necklace, because the high purity.
Thousands of silver refers to the silver content of 99.9% of the silver, for the production of thousands of silver jewelry silver content shall not be less than 99.9%, is the current national standard “jewelry precious metals purity and naming methods” in the provisions of the highest purity silver products (see GB11887 -2008). Thousands of silver is a few years just broke a silver production law, this silver fineness is the most pure on the market today. Because it is 99.9% of the silver, so it is easy to identify from the appearance, that is, the true color of silver, this silver material, because of the metal properties of silver itself makes 99.9% of the silver is relatively soft, not suitable for making imitation platinum or K gold inlaid jewelry, but used to make Su silver jewelry jewelry is a unique texture. Due to the difficulty of the process, although the main body of gold must be 99.9%, but its accessories may be slightly lower silver content, but in accordance with national standards still not less than 92.5%.