Platinum Diamonds Pendant

Today is the main popular diamond pendant. General diamond pendant in the more common by the main material: platinum diamond pendant, 18K gold diamond pendant [5]. These two are common diamond pendants, and one of the many pendants bought by wedding brides.

Platinum diamonds

Platinum Diamond Pendant is made of platinum and diamonds and then a perfect marriage. Platinum diamond pendants are generally more common for the PT950 material

Diamond pendant. Pt950 material with diamond pendant best. Its material determines it is very good fit!

K Gold Diamond

K gold diamond pendant is also a popular diamond pendant, the K gold content of different show different colors. 14K in 6 kinds: red, red yellow, dark yellow

Color, light yellow, dark yellow, green yellow; 18K also has 5 kinds: red, redish, yellow, light yellow, dark yellow. The more common is the 18K gold diamond pendant. But also very popular with customers a welcome material. [1]

tourmaline class

Tourmaline is second only to ruby, emerald, stone in the high-end gem. Its bright colors, beautiful, changing, high transparency, since ancient times by the people love. People set the tourmaline as “the birth of the stone”, symbol of peace and peace. [2]

According to records, the Qing Empress Dowager Cixi is also doubly love, in her sacrificial objects, at the foot of a step with a tourmaline carved lotus, the weight of 36.8 money, then the value of 750,000 taels of silver. In recent years, with the rise of popular Name Necklace, tourmaline is also crystal clear quality and rich colors, become the new darling of fashion jewelry, tourmaline pendant has also been more and more people welcome.

Red stone

Red stone can develop heart round, the solution melancholy, help keep the transport, can make people often feel happy to wake up people

The hearts of the needs of love, people warm, willing to pay, increase the opportunity to bring love, you can increase the opposite sex. Unlike pink crystals, it is biased towards practice and action, increasing confidence towards the goal, for people who already have the object. Can be treated because of lovelorn to bring the pain, loss, depression, so that emotional stability and soft.

Amber class

Amber is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, the most suitable for the Buddhist spirit, at the same time, with a strong evil

Energy, wearing amber ornaments can ward off evil spirits and eliminate the strong negative energy, the people often go out to protect the best ornaments. Western ancient times it took it as a demon exorcism props.


Pearl is the queen of the Qibao, is the ancient royal aristocratic preferred Custom Name Necklace.

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