The Meaning Of The Jade Ring

The meaning of the jade ring

Jade ring is unique to China, with the Qing Dynasty Westernization Movement, foreigners to the gold ring, gem ring, diamond ring into China, and given the special meaning of the jade ring.
Ring finger wearing ring finger Daiyu ring that has been married, and represents the sacred love long long, loving husband and wife, heart and mind, mind figured out.
Middle finger Daiyu ring meaning
Middle finger wearing a ring that men and women have begun to fall in love, the middle finger Dai Yu explained that you become more attractive, there are opposite sex.
The meaning of the little finger Daiyu ring
Little finger wearing a ring that he is celestial, the ring worn on Name Necklace will have unexpected things happen, especially recommended to intuition keen, engaged in fashion-related workers.
The meaning of the thumb ring
Thumbs up the jade ring According to the ancient Roman literature records, the ring wearing a thumb can help you reach your wish, towards the road to success.
The meaning of the index finger Daiyu ring
Index finger wearing a jade ring to get married, that unmarried. The direction of the fingers, the ring wear in Custom Name Necklace refers to the personality will become cheerful and independent, the most suitable for people engaged in the free industry to wear.

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