Various Of Pandent

Various Of  Pandent

Sandalwood class

Tan in the ancient Sanskrit in the meaning of the cloth, sandalwood has a hard wood, colorful colorful, able to prevent

Baidu, long-term immortal, but also evil spirits, was known as the holy sand. Sandalwood and more in the primeval forest, gather together the Reiki, was indigenous for the Shenmu. Sandalwood can also emit a unique sandalwood, fragrant and durable, can be used to produce high-end furniture and crafts, but also for refining flavor. As one of the most valuable timber, sandalwood is also made into a large number of Buddhist products, such as sandalwood beads, sandalwood pendants, sandalwood amulets and Name Necklace, because Tan and the Buddha has a deep origin. According to the “by a Arab-Israeli” in the record, the Buddha after the Buddha into the Buddha, in the days of the Buddha for the Buddha Buddha Moye preaching Dharma for three months, people worship the Buddha, the Buddha statues, which is the earliest Buddha, according to legend, the earliest Buddha is made of sandalwood.

Crystal class

Crystal jewelry more and more people love. Whether the ring, earrings or bracelets, necklaces, have become people wearing fashion Custom Name Necklace. Plus the energy of the crystal and the magnetic field of spirituality, to ensure peace, bring wealth. However, when buying crystal pendants, but also pay attention to whether it is natural crystal, naturally formed in natural conditions, growing in the depths of the crust, usually experienced volcanic and earthquakes and other severe crustal movement to form. Natural crystal is a mineral resource, very rare and precious, is one of the precious stones.

Emerald class

The shape of the jade pendant is very elegant and moving, loving, wearing emerald swan, not only to the wearer’s clothing to add luster, but also to the wearer to add a little elegant and superior temperament. Whether you are out of any occasion, wearing jade pendants, can become the focus of the audience, so you exudes an elegant charming taste.

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