Beautiful Girl Ring

Beautiful Girl Ring

Should be worn on the left hand and worn on the ring finger, but why put the diamond on the left hand? Why is it worn on the ring finger? Believe in Christians believe that this is derived from the wedding ceremony, the priest holding the ring in order to touch the new hand left hand, and said: “the priesthood, the Son, the name of the Holy Spirit”, the last ring falls on the left hand of the fourth Finger – ring finger, so the formation of this tradition. However, the romantic ancient Egyptians believe that the “love of the pulse” is connected through the left hand ring finger and Name Necklace. In the Middle Ages, many people believe that diamonds are not only a symbol of love, but also to maintain the effectiveness of love, it makes the brink of brutal marriage to consolidate.

Diamond and how to contact when married into a “wedding ring” it?

Diamonds and marriages each have their own characteristics, in many ways just to form a tacit understanding, so the wedding ring was accepted by people down. From the diamond’s own characteristics, the diamond and marriage, what kind of contact?

Diamond features: uniform and clear, the world’s hardest, stable chemical properties, which makes the diamond is pure innocence, all-conquering, always loyal or unswerving meaning; another diamond mining difficulties, storage of small, high cost, make it Become the most expensive gem now, which makes diamonds increase the noble, rich meaning; diamonds have a very rich cultural connotation, in ancient times are all proud of having diamonds, with diamonds respect, which makes diamonds become “distinguished, elegant “Pronoun.

Marriage, people put it on the same expectations – all-conquering, married husband and wife are loyal to each other, mutual respect, the husband and wife’s “eachother” love remain unswerving until forever. Marriage means that the happiness of a lifetime to another person, and men in order to fully express the feelings of the woman’s deep, will be able to express their own chime.

Marriage has become one of the most important things in life, because the happiness of life and marriage has a very important link. Of course, marriage has become the first to bear the brunt of the family event, for their children’s marriage, parents often chime their own, spend all the savings, even even if the debt should be generous at this time, brothers and sisters is full of help, some brothers in the The field, thousands of miles away to rush to attend the wedding. This shows the importance of marriage. As an important monument to marriage (the most symbolic marriage of marriage) – wedding ring, it is not a small look. I remember last year’s sensational moments of love in the Titanic – the huge blue diamond Custom Name Necklace (the heart of the ocean), appeared as a representative of love in the film. This fully shows that diamonds are used as a representative of love for a long time. Marriage diamond ring in 21 is coming today is widely popular, in addition to people’s living standards, but also shows that people’s lives more and more attention to quality, pay attention to the mood of life.

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