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Wedding ring

Ancient records of diamonds are full of mysterious, legendary, romantic color: because the diamond scarce, rare, people think that she is the stars fall when the fragments left; others that is the gods of tears on the ground crystal. In English the word “diamond”, French “Diamante”, German “Diamant”, Russian “Almaz”, they are derived from the ancient Greek “adamas”, meaning can not conquer. Because of her purity, bright, hard, unique features, so that the diamond became a symbol of eternal love. The former thought that the arrows of the arrows of love Cupid were made of diamonds, so she became invincible and had the power to conquer love Name Necklace.

The diamond ring for the first time as a love story of the story, took place in 1477, Austria’s Maximilian in order to get the love of Princess Mary of France, because Mary was so beautiful that many people pursued did not get her love, Mi Lian for this convened a lot of counselors advice, and finally it was suggested that the diamond ring symbol of eternal love Custom Name Necklace, the princess’s finger on the diamond ring can get her love. Later, Maximilian used this method, and, really efficacious, when he put the symbol of love diamond ring gently worn on Princess Mary’s left hand ring finger, Princess Mary promised. Since then created the tradition of giving a diamond ring engagement.

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