Elegant Gold Monogram Necklace

Women born beauty, and Name Necklace, it is the most women’s heart of the decorations. However, from a health point of view, prospective mothers are best not to wear any jewelry, especially the ring.

Because in the course of pregnancy, pregnant women’s body environment will change, estrogen, progesterone levels will be a corresponding increase, and the secretion of more growth hormone. At the same time, the metabolism of pregnant women will be changed, the body prone to water and sodium retention, the formation of tissue swelling. Thus, many pregnant women’s fingers, arms, lower limbs, etc. will be correspondingly thicker, nose will become larger.

Ring size of the ring are generally fixed, usually worn on the slender fingers shine, can add color for you. But after the thickening of the fingers in the gestation, but it will be too tight and affect the limb blood circulation, severe edema in the second trimester, it may also cause the ring is too tight can not remove the consequences. And jade bracelet will happen the same problem, due to thicker body, the original can barely bracelet can not be removed, but also to pregnant women in the operating room to bring a lot of unnecessary trouble, such as obstruction of infusion, Venipuncture and so on.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should also be their own health as the most important, as far as possible to remove the body of Custom Name Necklace, such as insist on wearing, should also adjust the model, to lean is appropriate. But before going to the hospital to be prenatal, to remove all the jewelry, stay at home, so as not to affect the anesthesia in the delivery room disinfection or storage disputes caused by accidents.

In addition, in the summer so sweat more season, metal jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets contained in the nickel, chromium will dissolve in sweat, but also easy to cause contact dermatitis. [4]


Jewelry maintenance of the common rules: gently, to avoid the collision and friction, and high temperature and acid, alkali solution contact. Regular inspection to prevent the gem off. Regular to the store to check your jewelry, whether the prominent claw bend Whether it is deformed, the technician will do the necessary care and maintenance for your jewelry, and will answer your questions about the jewelry wear process.


Diamonds are by far the most hard foundations of nature found in nature, a well – nosed diamond will always be eye – catching. But the hard stuff is also brittle, so when doing physical labor or strenuous exercise should avoid wearing diamond jewelry. Diamonds with lipophilic hydrophobic, contaminated to oil will affect the glory, so doing housework and smear cosmetics should be cut off the diamond. Monthly to the franchise store for care and maintenance, you can also wash at home, with a neutral detergent soaked, with a toothbrush gently scrub, and then washed with water or alcohol, and finally dry with a soft cloth. Do not store when mixed with other jewelry, while wiping the damaged, affecting the effect of wearing.


Wear and tear to avoid hook, pull, pull, pressure, especially the mechanism of hard chain. And gold jewelry should not wear at the same time, because the gold is soft, if friction with each other, not only will damage the gold jewelry, but also make gold stained in platinum On, so that yellow gold jewelry for a long time, the surface darkened or local color, to the professional jewelry shop for cleaning protection.


Jade is hard but brittle, easily cracked or broken by external force, avoids external shock or drop when worn. Avoid contact with high temperature, so as to avoid cracking caused by emerald water.When day wear, should keep the surface clean, if dirt, rinse with water You can always check whether the lanyard is firm, regularly to the jewelry store to replace. [6] because of its jade jewelry shape of the type of how the stars, whether male or female, or the oldest old child or child, can find their favorite shape.


If the pearl is not properly maintained, it will lose its luster. If you accidentally wear it, rinse it with pure water and store it in a soft silk bag. Avoid contact with acidic or alkaline substances and avoid contact with high temperatures. , Do housework, into the bathroom bath, you should remove the pearl jewelry.


Red sapphire resistant to strong acid, strong alkali and hardness after the diamond, in the exercise or doing housework, should also try to avoid wearing, so as to avoid damage or loss of precious stones in the installation of red and sapphire jewelry should be carried out after wearing, so as not to hang To the clothing, causing the gem to fall off. Gem jewelry often wear should be checked once a month to see if there is wear or fall off the phenomenon, and then to be remedied and repaired.


Pure gold jewelry and mercury, lead and other metal from the chemical changes, so that gold jewelry appears white spots, but after the fire can restore the primary color. Avoid perfume, hair gel and other high-volatile material contact, or easily lead to metal fade, in order to Protect the golden luster, can be in the top of a thin layer of nail polish.With the warm water plus detergent cleaning, remove the dry can be, with salt and vinegar mixed into the cleaning machine to wipe, can make it constant for a long time. Gold is soft and avoids large external forces to avoid deformation. Save the time with a flannel wrapped and then into the jewelry box, to avoid mutual friction damage.

Precious metals

To avoid the use of rough environment in the use of wear or contact with acid and alkali environment, so as not to surface corrosion of the metal layer was corrosion. Avoid contact with mercury, lead and other metals and cosmetics, perfume, vinegar, fruit juice, bleach, correction fluid and lead, mercury and other cosmetics. The body’s sweat will erode metal jewelry, so the summer wear metal jewelry the best daily cleaning.

Process complex precious metal jewelry, once destroyed, repair difficult, and difficult to restore the original, so be careful to treat, do not pull, fold, shower, bath, sleep should avoid wearing precious metal jewelry collection, mutual friction, Wearing effects of white 18K gold contains 75% pure gold, 25% of other metal alloy jewelry, the basic colors are with a yellowish, if you wear properly, will destroy the metal surface, reveal its character, affect the jewelry beautiful, please contact the professional jewelry store deal with.

Buy skills

Dedicated to a spouse: you can buy a special wedding ring. Wear this ring, look generous, loyal.

Give a friend: you can buy brooches, tie clips and other small, memorable gold and silver jewelry; taboo big and no when the ring, necklace and the like.

To colleagues or subordinates: you can buy or order with the unit to commemorate the characteristics of the brooch, tie clips and the like.

Give a girlfriend or boyfriend: you can buy with olivine, garnet K gold ring or fine necklace, because olivine, garnet symbol of loyalty, loyalty.

Blessed elders: you can buy a symbol of longevity bracelet, ring, the best pattern of some simple, reflect their respect for the elders and love

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