How To Identify Jade

Authentic white gold jewelry recognition

True platinum jewelry made of metal platinum. Metal platinum, also known as platinum, chemical symbol Pt, specific gravity of 21.45, Mohs hardness of 4.3. The same volume of platinum, gold, silver three precious metals comparison, the most heavy platinum, the texture is also the most hard. Due to the small amount of natural reserves, mining more difficult, stable chemical properties, platinum is also more valuable than gold metal materials. Platinum jewelry texture fine slightly hard, easy to wear, the color is light gray, light and elegant, bright and lasting light, long with no black. Really platinum jewelry are printed on the sign, which is the main logo. Print is mainly composed of the following: First, the texture of Name Necklace, platinum jewelry on the texture that there are two, some of the English Pt, some Chinese “platinum”; Second, jewelry ingredients, platinum jewelry, if “99” words, said platinum The content of 99%; third is the origin of jewelry, jewelry around the production enterprises have their own unique label, and other industrial products, like the trademark, is essential jewelry, and will not allow fake forged, because it is both production Who is also the consumer’s logo. Confused with genuine white gold jewelry is mainly stainless steel or silver jewelry. Stainless steel jewelry when the new and platinum jewelry similar to the color gray, shiny bright. But its white in the dark gray, bright fake, not lasting, easy to wear. Silver jewelry texture is soft, easier to wear; heavy light, the color is silver, white than white, with a long time after the black. In addition, from the printing point of view, stainless steel jewelry without printing or printed vaguely printed, silver jewelry and platinum jewelry stamps printed different.

Authentic gold jewelry how to identify

The main varieties of gold jewelry are rings, earrings, Custom Name Necklace, bracelets, brooches, etc., to buy gold jewelry first to identify its authenticity, the method is: a weigh weight. Gold jewelry with the same volume of metal jewelry compared to the weight of gold. Second, listen to the sound, throwing gold on the ground, will be issued a “puff” sound, low content is clear light crisp. Three is to see the color. Gold jewelry luster enduring, high gold content of the jewelry was red, poor for the yellow. Four test hardness, jewelry gold content of the higher and more soft, with a hard needle to draw, there are obvious traces of gold; low gold imprinted fuzzy. Five hand bent. True gold soft, bent by hand, easy to bend easily broken, and into the color of the jewelry is easy to break easily bend. Six is ​​with fire. With the fire burning jewelry, real gold resistance does not change color, fake gold burned after the loss of luster, or even become black and purple. Seven is acid test. Gold is insoluble in hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, while other metals are experiencing triatogenic changes.

How to identify jade

China’s main products are jade, “South jade”, “Henan jade”, “Shandong jade” and Xinjiang Yili, and the production of “suet jade” and so on, made of precious jade. Identification of jade mainly to see whether the color is thick (rich), Yang (bright), Qiao (color US), positive (pure), and (soft) these five characteristics, such as both, On the contrary, if the jade light (plain), Yin (dark), old (dark color), flowers (impure), oblique (uncoordinated), it is inferior. Buy jade do not choose in the strong light, because the light will make jade loss of the original character, but also to cover up the flaws, real ones. Buy jade but also learn to identify the authenticity. Common fake jade with plastic, glass, marble, electric color and so on several. Plastic and marble texture than jade light, poor hardness; colored glass bubbles; electric fake jade is in the poor quality of jade coated with a layer of beautiful and beautiful green appearance, at first glance more difficult to identify, but careful observation, Bad jade often with some “spider claws”, that is, green with blue small cracks.

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