I Find A Gold Ring Last Week

I Find A Gold Ring Last Week

I believe many people will like to go to the beach or the river to play, especially in the summer when Xiaobian particularly like to go fishing at sea, picking shells. To the sea more people will naturally lose something, such as ring Name Necklace or something. A Singaporean users are very lucky, one morning he was wandering around the beach when he was picked up as much as valuable things.

According to the netizen said, when he was barefoot walking in the sea, suddenly he felt at the foot of the foot like a hard thing, so he bowed back to find the results found a silver thing is caught in the sand.

In fact, friends picked up the ring is not what the silver ring but a gold ring, picked up when the ring did not know what the surface did not know what it looks like a silver ring. The original ring is a Duke of Malaysia before the loss of here, this ring is the Cartier Custom Name Necklace teacher for his custom value of millions. Finally the netizens return the ring to the Duke, the Duke also invited him to travel in Malaysia for a week and free of charge.

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