Red Rope Bracelet

Red Rope Bracelet

Silver has always been the most lining of those temperament clear pure woman, it is soft and white with crystal light, always inadvertently flash and become a beautiful scenery in the eye. The meaning of the red rope we all know, but also very beautiful evil spirits. Weaving with the rope, lint, do not fade, there is toughness, color is.

A pair of lovers will wear the same red rope, male left female right, like a token of the same Custom Name Necklace! Called “lovelace” love chain, on behalf of the meaning of forever together. A boy if a girl’s left ankle tied a red rope is that life never betray!

Benming years in order to ward off evil will like to bring a red rope! Red rope on behalf of a good head to their own, what things are safe, smooth signs, the bad luck away. Usually wear red underwear, red belt and the like. Girls will be a single red rope tied to the left foot, you can ward off evil spirits, if the right foot, then, look forward to the meaning of true love Name Necklace, that she may be waiting for her life and companions appear. Old people say that the left foot of the red rope to go the night did not encounter spirits.

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