The History of “Wearing a pearl earrings girl”

“Wearing a pearl earrings girl” is the 17th century Dutch painter Johnny Vermeer’s masterpiece. This mask has the reputation of “Northern Mona Lisa”. Painting the girl, looking back sideways, eyes clear and unclear, but also with a trace of charming, soft lines face flush, slightly open lips seem to tell what. According to the projection of art historians, this work should be completed in 1665 to 1667 years. At the time, the portrait is mostly ordered works, the customer paid the painter’s commission, the painter to the customer as a model, the finished work by the customer collection Name Necklace. Such a portrait, the name of the model can be tested. “Wearing a pearl earring girl” is also a portrait, however, it belongs to the portraits of a special category – Tronie. Tronie is not a customer model, to meet the customer by painting “famous history” of the traditional portrait painting. Painter creation tronie mostly for learning skills, such as how to capture the characters instantaneous expression, facial features of different ages, a particular dress in the body of the body reflects the beauty and so on. Since the thrust of Tronie is not a “pass” for the Custom Name Necklace, the models in the nronie paintings are rarely able to leave names in history. “Girl wearing pearl earrings” in the girls is the case. Staying on the canvas, she is together with history, evoking the beauty in the heart of the people, and provoking curiosity: who is she? What kind of life and story is there? How does the painter know her and how she will be The beauty of the youth to capture, so that her beauty never wither? Like people eager to understand the secret behind the smile of Mona Lisa, people are eager to interpret the girl after the expression of deep meaning.

Writer Chevrolet in the 17th century after the famous Dutch painter John Vermeer’s paintings authentic, with its “wearing pearl earrings girl” paintings to capture the delicate and delicate feelings for the inspiration, combined with the painter’s life story creation The same name novel.

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