wearing pearl earrings girl

1665 Dutch town of Taiwan, the 17-year-old girl Gregory forced to livelihood, came to the painter Vermeer home helpers. Vermeer and his wife Catherinena sojourned in the mother-in-law, and with the help of his mother-in-law, fixedly sold the painting to the supporter Van Louis. Painter not only to raise a large number of children, but also to maintain a luxury Name Necklace, art talent see wear and tear in all kinds of tired and trivial. The beauty of Geli’s beauty and the sensation of the art aroused the attention of Vermeer, to bring him endless inspiration. Painters and girls to attract each other, eyes meet, but not overtake, but their secret feelings or cause people to suspicion. Ultimately, in order to maintain self-esteem, Gregory chose to leave Custom Name Necklace, marry the young butcher. It is this seemingly Ruoyouru flowing affair, condensate into the most important works of Vermeer life – “wearing pearl earrings girl.”

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