Gold Name Necklace

Gold can be said to be one of the most precious metals on the world.So you can imagine how popular gold jewelry can  be.Because people always want to use precious things to show their difference with others.Don’t mention when you can custom gold name necklace.That makes people crazy about it.The uniqueness and precious combine together make the gold Name Necklace so popular every one wants to get one.

And like all the other necklace gold have many different kinds.Like the picture shows there are heart shape birthstone name necklace and just simple name necklace and monogram name necklace etc.But you need to know gold necklace are not pure gold made.I think you know why .Because pure gold are too soft to make jewelry.It is usually used with base metal to make jewelry.But since it is not pure gold you need to take good care of the necklace.Because it will tarnish with time.So you need to pay attention to that after you purchase the gold Custom Name Necklace.That’s all.

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