How To Layer Your Jewelry

Like I posted before ,we can layer Name Necklace when you have too many and don’t know which one you should wear.And you can try to layer bracelet and rings too.

It may look easy but when you are mixing metals and different weights it does get more complex so there is definitely an art to stacking rings.

The key to wearing a ring on each finger is to play with different thicknesses and weights. You can also add a long ring to give the look some height making it a little more interesting.

If you double up you should do so only on one central finger with one ring on the fingers either side.

If you wear a hand piece you should definitely try to minimize the stacking – If the hand piece is thin and demure then play around with very dainty rings, adding at least one midi ring to the middle finger. If it is more of a statement handpiece then you can for sure feel free to play around or even just let it be to carry its own look.

Stack different colors of the same ring – it ends up looking like one ring. Mixing colors is super exciting which is why you can’t overdo it, two different matches in one look is enough – you could even throw in a combination piece.

Match your rings to your bracelets let the style flow through your Custom Name Necklace stacking – don’t get lost in it and change the purpose of your stacking. You can even incorporate a matching set to the equation, there is something very elegant and chic about this.

And there are something you need to avoid when you layer jewelry.When you are having a second thought about one set then don’t wear it.Because the key of layer jewelry is your confidence  and if you don’t believe in yourself how should you make other people think the jewelry you layer are any good.And don’t use too many metal textures it can be confusing when you use too much .

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