I Love You To The Moon And Back Necklace

I bet that you must have heard the words that is :I love you to the moon and back.As such a classic love sentence people always like say it when they are express their love to each other.But have you ever think about use a necklace to express this word?What you don’t know what I am talking about?Let me explain it to you.I love you to the moon and back Name Necklace is using this idea as a design try to blend it into the necklace.Here is the picture.

As you can see the round plate is carved with the three word: I LOVE YOU.And the round plate represent the earth and the crescent stands for the moon.It express the word in a such easy way.Don’t say it is too easy.Because if it got too complicated your lover won’t be able to get the point then you can wait for some anger to happen.No one likes complicated things in a relationship.Just keep it as simple as possible and as blunt as possible .I guess you are wondering where you can buy it  now.Well  you  can find it at Custom Name Necklace search result in  google.That is easy right?

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