Hand Paint Necklace

This little sea shell is all hand painted with professional grade acrylic paints in earth tones and blues. It has a tribal look to it with Aztec inspired patterns. I loved working in harmony with the shell’s natural markings as I painted, almost as if the shell itself was telling me where to place my brush. The pendant is strung on soft, cognac leather cord with a simple antiqued brass lobster clasp in the back. As each shell and each little painting is different, this necklace is one of a kind.

Each shell has a unique pattern ,when you paint on the shell you need to follow the line not go against it .It is like an art object.You can choose a shell and Name Necklace .No matter what you paint I am sure you will love it because the shell is beautiful already without the painting.So the Custom Name Necklace is easy to make ,don’t worry the shell is not expensive you can practice more.

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