Avocados Necklace

Do you like avocados ?Do you like necklace?Do you like avocados necklace?Do you like avocados with faces Name Necklace?That’s right ,today’s main character is avocados necklace with faces.Avocados is a very nutrient fruit it is often used when people try to lose weight it contains a lots of vitamins that can make your skin glows.And the avocados ‘s color is green and the pulp is yellow .It only have one seed inside the pulp.The yellow and green body make it very beautiful when you cut it open.But it is not beautiful when it is not cut open.

The avocados necklace is a little different from actual avocados it has smooth face and the pulp has cute face on it.It makes people wants to smile.And of course it not appropriate for serious place but it is OK to wear at ordinary life.The cute avocados necklace is a good Custom Name Necklace
 you can give your kids to make them happy.

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