Bow Tie Necklace

Bow tie is one of the most common accessories you can see at all those serious party.It usually is black or white.These two colors are the classic color.But when the bow tie is a different color surprise happens.First you should know the knot to make bow tie is difficult.So people want to skip the step they invent those already tied bow tie no need you to tie it again.You just need to put it on you neck that is all.It is kind of like necklace.Then the bow tie Name Necklace happens .

Unlike those official bow tie the bow tie necklace is not so official and the designs are so different.As you can see in the pictures ,the dot and black bow tie Custom Name Necklace is designed for kids or cute lady.They can wear one piece dress and put it on .She will become a gentlewoman.And the second one is more like a choker bow tie necklace.It is for the adult and fashion people who look for stylish item.It is their favorite.

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