Giraffe Heart Necklace

What do you think giraffe can do with its long neck.It can use it to eat the leaves on the tree if the grass on the ground is gone.And let me tell you that is one giraffe can do with its neck but what can two giraffes do with their long Custom Name Necklace?Don’t tell me they can eat the leaves together.The answer is that they can kiss each other and use it to make a heart shape.When it is applied on necklace design that make the Name Necklace become a heart shape necklace.People can give it to their lovers as gift.

You can see in the picture ,it is so lovely and cute.It will be a perfect gift for lovers.Judging by the size it won’t be very expensive.Anybody can afford it.You can try the position see if your guys neck can make a heart shape too.

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