Honeycomb Hexagon Necklace

You can see a lot of geometric pattern are used in the natural.I have mentioned that the snowflake are some complicated hexagon .Today I am gonna introduce another natural hexagons to you guys that is honeycomb.Nobody knows why the bee can build their nest by hexagon.You can see the bee eggs in the hexagon and so is the honey.The queen bee stays in the deepest place of the next where she give birth countless new bee eggs.And the bees would give their life to protect the queen bee.It is like a big army stays in its castle Name Necklace.

As we all know that the hexagon is a good pattern that can make good look jewelry.So when some hexagons combine together become a honeycomb.So that is how the honeycomb hexagons Custom Name Necklace happens.Use different colors on which hexagon can make a very beautiful look necklace.Maybe you can try it on your own sometimes.

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