I want Plate Fork Necklace

I have never thought about make the plate fork as necklace and put it on.I mean some expensive plate fork is made of silver ,but it is fork isn’t it?But I also have to say the thought is very interesting .The fork already is a good work before it remade into as Name Necklace it has some beautiful patterns carved on it already.No wonder the rich people always collect one set of silver fork because it is kind of like art work.

The tips of the fork has been remade you can see the whole fork is being made into something more beautiful.It looks like a octopus .The way it deal with the fork tips can avoid people getting hurt and more beautiful.You can’t say it is not an interesting design.The plate fork Custom Name Necklace is easy to made maybe you can try to make it on your own.Look what kind of fork necklace you can make.

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