Whale Necklace

Whale is the biggest creature in the world and also the biggest mammal in the ocean.It can’t breath under the water so it has to surface once a while .And it has a very different eating habit that is it will swallow tons of water and eat the fish inside the water,Name Necklace, flush the water out from blowholes.The water can be punched into several meters in the air.Some whale only eats the most small creatures on the world and some may eat shark too.That is  a very interesting scene the biggest creature on earth eat the smallest creature on world no wonder it has to swallow so many tons of water  otherwise it may starve itself.

And the whale take care of their new born baby whales so that they can survive.The whale is like human same mammal ,and they feed their offspring.But now the whale is facing the danger if extinction.We need to do something about even just wear a whale Custom Name Necklace it can also donate some money to environment protect organization.

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