Variations of a June Birthstone

There are a couple different stones considered to be the June birthstone. The first one is the pearl. This is a very classic gem to use in jewelry. The most common way to use a pearl is in Custom Name Necklace. This gives a classic and antique feel to any outfit or piece of Name Necklace. The other stone used for a June birthstone is alexandrite. This stone can take the form of many different colors under different lights. During the daylight, the alexandrite can look like a dark green/purple color. The stone will give off a green tint at some angles and a purple tint at other angles. Under a torched light, this stone gives a red and orange color. This stone is great to use in rings. Every light you are in will give the ring a different color. You essentially get a few rings out of the one. You can have a purple stone some days, a green stone some days, and even a red/orange stone sometimes.

To turn a normal outfit into a classy outfit add a pearl necklace and some pearl earrings. The pearl is considered a June birthstone. There are a couple of stones considered to be a June birthstone. The other stone is the alexandrite. Both of these look great in jewelry pieces. When it comes to necklaces, both stones look great with either white gold or yellow gold. The pearl necklace looks the classiest when there are multiple of them on a string. A pearl necklace is the most classic looking piece of jewelry available. To wear alexandrite in a necklace would have to be on a pendant. An alexandrite ring would be a great gift for any woman. A pearl ring can also be used as a promise ring. There are many rings that include a pearl in the middle with diamonds on the sides.

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