The birthday present is a bar necklace

Ting lying in the window, watching the thin Lek Le rain along the window outside the glass slide down, melancholy feelings in the heart to climb to climb! Unhappy birthday, so that Ting feel that this is so lonely, the hearts of the haze, all of a sudden in my heart.

This silly girl did not know Tao has long been integrated into her Name Necklace. In the Ting sad time, the sky raised the contests of the fireworks! Spat on the air, colorful flowers blooming in the air.

“Who is it? Who will release such a beautiful fireworks at this time?” Is thinking, Ting’s phone rang, “is Ting it! I am Tao, I wish you a happy birthday, fireworks look good Come down and put fireworks together, celebrate your 25th birthday together. Ting can not tell his own surprise, overjoyed her, even the umbrella did not play, directly washed down the floor.

Ting see Tao, stopped the pace, the fire under the Tao staring at her. Light yellow casual wear, yellow and white tie, white handsome face, calm and imposing.

“Girl, come, put fireworks together,” Tao staring at the cheek some of the Philippine red Ting.

Ting went to the chest of the chest, gently hammered, smiled and shouted: “You want to come, how do not tell me?” “Surprise? This is my intention to prepare for your birthday one of the gifts, How can tell you? “Said, Tao took out a platinum Custom Name Necklace
in the Ting’s neck. “Happy Birthday”.

Crystal rain dripping from the sky down, and soon, the rain stopped. Clouds reveal the sun, the sky suddenly from the beginning of the rain into a sunny day, in this short moment.

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