Margaret Thatcher’s Fashion Initial Necklace

This time to Margaret Thatcher is a famous photographer Mario Tesdino, this is Margaret Thatcher for the fourth time for the fashion magazine “model”. Imagine the shooting scene is not easy, tall Tethino has brown skin, big white teeth and big eyes, like holding the camera to do some comedy action, when he faced the young girl, he will beat : “Oh, too charming!” “To do so! Just do it!” When Mrs. Thatcher took pictures, the Latin American Tesdino could not help his own passion, or will bring some verbal language, “right Baby! Yes, baby … “This makes others feel very fun, and Margaret Thatcher is like a hundred years did not laugh the same, Name Necklace.

Look at the final shape of the photo: Margaret Thatcher standing in front of a pink mattress, his hands stacked in front, put a defensive posture, eyes staring at the lens. Iconic blue jacket, anti-stylish brooch and Custom Name Necklace, as well as her helmet hairstyle – was swollen into a huge sphere, each hair was combed to obey the post. Like the queen, Margaret Thatcher’s perfect appearance always conveys a signal: impeccable, longevity and always dominate.

Iron Lady vs fashion, the two irrelevant words are now put together – 82-year-old former British Prime Minister Thatcher for the British version of “vogue” magazine when a model.

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