One bar necklace

Fat aunt daughter. This kind of love, a little drowning Busy when the village most of the village dolls have to work under the ground, school mowing. But the fat aunt not let a little sticky farming, only asked her to study well.

Fat aunt girl went to college to report that day, the village can come to have to praise aunt good luck. Fat aunt laughed, laughing loud, laughing like six or seven years old girl.

A few years in the past, fat aunt have maintained this pride. Until Ping Ping mother who will come up with Ping Ping work to buy their own gold Custom Name Necklace, people around the past, envy, praise, invariably look to the fat aunt. Fat aunt afraid of those eyes, like a pot of cold water, poured into the heart, pouring her only halo.

A few days after the fat aunt that sounded a sudden sound of laughter, saw her Name Necklace rolled up the sleeves, wrist at a glittering bar necklace of the people dazzled.

“My daughter sent me back to see, gold!” Fat aunt loudly ringing a few streets.

Night light, fat aunt looked at two years did not come back to the daughter of the photo, in a daze. For a long time, fat aunt stood up, the hands of a small group of paper rubbing crushed, thrown out.

This is yesterday’s fat aunt in the county department store, buy bar necklace payment receipt.

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