I got this piece of jewelry for my daughter and she loves it.

I got this piece of jewelry for my daughter and she loves it. It is made of stainless steel so it can be worn everyday without any issues of tarnishing, reacting to her skin or rusting. The actual pendant part is well made and fairly thick of a hard metal so there is no issue of it bending or twisting. It is attached on both ends of the name with a stainless steel chain. My only concern is that the chain is of a lighter gauge and I wonder if it will snap at the ends or the clasp over the course of time. Custom Name Necklace

Doesn’t look like I can replace it with a slightly heavier gauge chain unless I take it a jeweler. For the price, it’s probably easier to replace it if it gets lost or broken. This piece can easily be worn by both a child or an adult depending on how long you want it. My daughter is 5′ 7 and it looks perfect on her. You can also request for a longer length. They have a variety of ready made names and shipping is super quick. You can also custom order a name. The jewelry comes either in stainless steel or gold colored. It comes in a nice looking gift box. I would definitely consider this as a gift for someone.

I am very happy with this necklace. The quality is very good. The chain does not feel too delicate and the name is not too thin. It is light weight and is comfortable to wear. The clasp is standard and easy enough to secure. The font of the letters is just like the picture. It is nice and shiny and I have received many compliments every time I have worn it. I would definitely recommend this as a gift. I just wish they had more names available to choose form or could do custom names.

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