I am very happy with this necklace

I received this item at a reduced price in exchange for giving an honest review. I take pride in providing honest reviews because I personally use reviews for most of the items I buy. Please rate this review as helpful if it provided any information that allowed you to make your decision to buy this product or not. Custom Name Necklace
 I purchased the “Elizabeth” in silver for my daughter Liz. She loves it! It is a great length (we are using the 2 inch extension chain) and is easily seen with a two inch length for the name. The weight is substantial but not too light. Not an easy thing to get right in my opinion. For the price, this was a super cute little stocking stuffer type of thing. My daughter loves it so much because it reminds her of the one that Carrie Bradshaw wore in Sex in the City HBO series – she is a big fan even now! Stylish and fun!
DISCLOSURE – This product was received at a discount in exchange for an unbiased, honest review. I was not compensated to give a particular rating or the review. I only change my rating if the product under performs over time. Prior to purchasing a product, I also review both positive and negative reviews to ensure this is something I or my family would benefit from owning. While not all pros and cons apply to everyone’s personal situation – I do try to point out both when reviewing a product. I hope you found this review helpful and appreciate any feedback in making reviews more informative!

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