Initial necklace refers to the customer specified in the letter to customize the pendant, so each one is unique. So that you can not use the traditional batch mold production. To tell the truth, in ancient times, most of the jewelry are hand-custom, because at that time the mold industry is very developed. There are two main ways to produce a name necklace at this stage:

1, the first process is the first carved wax mold, and then casting, mold, grinding and polishing. Modern jewelry industry from the version of a major step is to replace the silver version of the wax version, making the version of the speed greatly accelerated, even now, from a moderate degree of complexity of the silver ring ring time, need about a day, if you need a lot of welding, Drawing, engraving and other technology, then from a silver version will take two or three days time. In contrast, from a wax version of the time spent is greatly reduced, the version of the wax and ordinary lighting candles are not the same, the version of the wax in addition to the accident can also have some special properties, such as most Is a green (a small part of the red), waxy hard, there is a strong flexibility, not easy to break, the middle is absolutely not allowed to have bubbles and so on. A skilled worker engraved a jewelry wax version of the time greatly reduced.

Wax version of the carving can be done clear edge, contour deep penetration, thickness depth is not limited, especially at this stage using computer engraving technology produced by grinding wax mold, almost no need to repair.

The next step is to make the wax mold into a silver billet casting process, casting process generally takes 1-2 days to wax mold into a billet, then the silver billet polished and polished can be sold as finished products. So the production cycle of a product takes about 4-5 days.

2, the second process in the direct suppression of the silver above the printing of a real proportion of the pattern, to engrave the hollow hole in the place, with a wire saw through the hole will want to hollow part of the saw off.