The Prime Day Is Coming

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The Prime Day Is Coming This year 2017 , the prime day of Amazon is on July . Last year, Amazon held a long-awaited Prime Day promotion on July 15th. Prime Day is a one-day promotion day for Amazon Prime members only. Amazon’s goal is to create a new day like Black Friday, to encourage… Read more

Audrey Hepburn Style Monogram Necklace

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Audrey Hepburn simple black dress, collarless sleeveless dress, white shirt, cut fit suit, or pretty pants, black high collar sweater, monogram necklace , scarf, and even flat ballet shoes, low heels, big black Sunglasses and so are the registered trademark of Hepburn, and even her dog, have become a symbol of fashion, although this is… Read more

Prince William And The Necklace

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Prince William (Prince William) gave his wife’s monogram necklace  can be more than this . Kate Middleton (Kate Middleton) is often wearing earrings are also Prince William’s favorite baby one of his favorite baby. This is the earrings of the Saudi Arabian prince gave Princess Diana Princess (Princess Diana) wedding gift, when Princess Diana wearing,… Read more

MOM I Miss You !

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Moonglow Fan, Gatrina lives together with her husband and a cat in Chicago , America . Recently  Gatrina received a very special gift from her husband. He gifted her our diamond siver monogram necklace. On the card reads, “To remember our Baby Girls; Angela and Amelia” Gatrina, we know you and your family have experienced… Read more

You Can Be More Beautiful This Year !

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Nowadays people is more and more fashion , they are interested in every thing which is new . they love to search every fashion things  . such as brand bag , latest clothing , luxury jewelry and other fashion things . most people want to be more fashion , but they do not know how… Read more

I Want To Own A Monogram Necklace

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I am 25 years old this year , I like beautiful and fashion things in the daylife . I ofen buy some fashion small things online . I ofen buy some brand new arrival women bags , some times I order some pieces of fashion women dresses from other countries . I know many famous… Read more

Amber Monogram Necklace

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No diamond to show off the style, there is no gold luxury and wealth, there is no need to jade introverted temperament, but no crystal clear crystal, compared with them, amber is often mistaken for cheap resin products, was cold. But it is millions of years ago in the mysterious attitude in the collection has… Read more

Which Monogram Necklace Fit Me ??

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1. short neck people suitable for exquisite necklaces and beads from small to large arranged necklace, if there are double chin or three chin can not wear a monogram necklace . 2. the long neck people can wear necklace necklace, thick and thick necklace and hanging inlaid with gem long pendant, you can also choose… Read more

You Should Know About Monogram Necklace

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1 Do not wear Monogram Necklace to take a bath, wash, swim! If the poor, water and chemicals (such as: shower gel, detergent, etc.) will be attached to the crystal surface, so that crystal becomes dull. The following are the same as the ” 2 Always remember to wear Monogram Necklace after spraying perfume and… Read more

Beauty Of The Words

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As  you know , we use words everyday , we see it every day on signs , packaging , billboards , in books and various magazings , in fact , you are looks at it now , the Latin Roman alphabet , the word’s most prolific words .Typography is a relatively recent  invention , but… Read more