White Gold Rings For You

According to the national precious metal jewelry standards, only platinum can be called platinum. So 18K White is a wrong concept. Strictly should be called 18K white K gold. 18K White K Gold is a mixture of 75% gold and 25% other metal.

Not all white metal are called platinum, buy platinum please look for Pt logo! Platinum (Pt), is a naturally occurring white precious metal. State only platinum content of 85% and above jewelry can be called platinum jewelry, and must have a Pt mark. Platinum pt950 jewelry Platinum jewelry usually with Pt850, Pt900, Pt950, Pt990 or Pt999 (thousands of platinum) purity mark. So platinum jewelry does not exist so-called 18K or 750 (ie 75%) purity.

White gold (gold gold), its main component is gold, it is not natural white, due to join the other metal and showing a white. White gold is not platinum (platinum). White K gold jewelry usually use 18K or 750 to represent the purity of gold contained therein.